Weekly COVID Vaccination Update

We have had another busy week vaccinating our patients and we’re proud to have:

  • Vaccinated all 22 of Sutton Coldfield’s care homes for the elderly
  • Vaccinated the majority of care home staff with the remaining few being completed this coming weekend.
  • We have now administered nearly 5000 vaccinations in total and have worked through the Sutton Coldfield over 80s by working 6-7 days a week
  • We are now going down the age group 79-70 and have booked another 2000 patients at Falcon Medical Centre for the coming week. If you fall into this category, we will contact you very soon as we are rapidly working down the lists in the 79-70 age cohort.
  • In addition, we will be doing another 2500+ vaccines from Ley Hill Surgery this coming weekend taking this week’s target alone to nearly 5000 vaccinations!
  • Unfortunately, we did have 21 patient’s who did not attend their appointment. Please do let us know if you are unable to make your appointment so we can offer this slot to someone else who would like it.
  • The current plan is for the Birmingham Community Health Care Trust (BCHC) to vaccinate patients that are housebound. We have a separate post coming out with more information on regarding this.

Remember: Please do not call us to arrange a vaccination. We will be calling you when the time comes for you to book in for the vaccination!